Swim Meet Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about swim meets?

Swim meet information can be found on the event page under Upcoming Events on the GCST front page.

Which meets should I enter?

Check the meet description on the Event Page to see if the meet is for your child's level or training group. 

How do I enter swim meets?

You will receive an e-mail 7 days before the entry deadline inviting you to sign-up on the GCST website. Simply Accept or Decline the invite.
Are team suits required? Team suits are required for all swim meets.  Team suits can be purchased through our team store or Total Team Wares at 800-888-8843.
Can I wear a tech suit at all meets? Tech suits are only to be worn at championships meets and with approval from your coach.
Are team caps required? GCST swim caps are required to worn by those needing to wear a cap at all swim meets as part of our team uniform.  We have caps available at swim meets.

What are Home or Hosted Meets?

Hosted or Home Meets are meets that GCST runs at one of our pools with parent volunteers. These meets are required.

What are Away Meets?

Away Meets are meets at other team’s pools. These meets are optional.

How do I check my Child's entry?

You can check your child's entry by logging in and checking the Event Page.

How can I cancel or change my child's entry?

You must notify a coach by e-mail before the posted entry deadline for event change requests or to not attend the meet.

How do I find meet qualifying time standards?

These are times that swimmers must achieve to attend the meet.  The time standards can be found on the official Meet Announcement Letter posted on the Event Page

How do I find hotel information for out of town meets?

Hotel information will be posted on the Away Meet Hotel Page.
Login required for Away Meets.

What are meet fees and how do I pay them?

Meet entry fees are billed to your team account.
How do I find my child’s results?

1. Full meet results are listed under Events and then "Past and Archived" for each past meet.
2. Left hand side of the front page under "My Account" and then click "My Meet Results". It can be filtered to see the cuts they have achieved. (login required
3. USA Swimming Times Search Database
4. Create a "Deck Pass" web account and get the latest data, meet results, and more customized for your swimmer. It’s free!
5. Download On Deck Parents App to your phone. It's free and ties into our website for a lot of information including results, entry, and job sign-up.

6. Use the TouchPadLive button on the left hand column of the front page.

Do I have to help at meets? GCST families are required to meet our Service Obligation requirements at our home meets.  We need team parents to help at our meets to reduce travel and associated costs. 

How do I sign-up to help at meets?

Click the "Job Sign-up" button found on the Event Page.