Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 4/11/20)



How do I join GCST?

For information to join, click here.

Where are GCST locations?

GCST is located at 2 pools in Lee County. Locations

How do I contact a coach?

Call us at 239-560-4820 or e-mail. Coaches direct e-mail links.

How do I join Masters?

Masters Program information.

Does my child have to attend every day?

Our Novice, Bronze, and Silver 2 teams do not have mandatory practice attendance requirements.  

Senior, Gold, and Silver 1 swimmers do have practice requirements.

What time is practice?

Find practice schedules here.

How much does it cost?

Fees start at $80 per month in our Novice Teams and go up as the swimmer moves to higher skill level groups. 

I have a few questions. Who do I ask?

Call us at 239-560-4820 or e-mail.

What training group should my child be in?

The coaches will decide which group is best for your child.

How do I find out about workout changes, and weather related issues?

Workout changes will be posted on the front page of the website and sent by e-mail, Team Feed (OnDeck), Twitter, Facebook, and text alerts. Check the website often when severe weather threatens the area.

Activate SMS in your team account.

How do I contact other members?

Click the "Members" tab (login required) under the main menu bar.

How do I order team swim suits, training equipment, and uniforms?

Click on Team Store to find out how to order required team suits, and more.

Is Fundraising Required?

GCST has one fundraiser per year called "Swim-A-Thon" held in late May.  Fundraising is required by all swimmers after the year they join.

Where can I find Team Policies and information?

Information about Account Billing, Fundraising, Service Obligation, and Swim Meets can be found under the Parents link.

Where can I find Team Forms and Documents?

Team Forms and Documents can be found by using here

(Login Required)

How do I check my account?

You must login to the GCST website and then click "My Account" under the sign-in box.

How do I pay my account?

Program Fees are billed to your Team Account on the 1st of each month or each quarter depending on the cycle you choose. Accounts must be paid by Credit Card, or ACH (e-check).

How do I suspend my account to stop billing?

To suspend billing, you must send an e-mail using the Contact Us link on the home page.  

Please notify us within 5 days before the end of the month.

How do reactivate my account?

Send us an e-mail for Reactivation using Contact Us.