If we have a Lightning Alert during practice, EVERYONE MUST GO TO THEIR CAR.  

Swimmers at FGCU and San Carlos that do not drive must have a parent present during practice or arrange to have your child get into someone elses car of your chosing. 

Please watch the weather closely!

Our lightning procedures are as follows:
If we have a strike within 10 miles we are out until 30 minutes, and then the all clear is issued.  
You can view the "Countdown Clock" on the GCST website by clicking the box labeled "SCP Lightning Alert" or "FGCU Lightining Alert".
We monitor the weather using the Weather Bug App.
If the Countdown keeps resetting after the practice start time for your child's group, we will cancel the practice.
If it looks as if it will clear and we can get started before the half way point in a practice we will try to get in.
Once we get the "All Clear" we will resume practice as quickly as possible.

Cancellation information will be sent out on Notifications, Text, E-mail, Social Feed, Facebook, and Twitter.