Monthly Program Fees
Program Fees are billed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual and are due on the 1st, of the month.
A pre-billing summary will be e-mailed to each account on the 21st.
Invoices are billed and e-mailed on the 1st of each month.
Any swimmer that participates in any practice after the 1st of the month is responsible for charges for that month.

Meet Fees
Meet Fees will be billed to your account and charged to your credit card or ACH when the entry is completed.
Meet entry will be declined if the account is not signed up for electronic payment in our system by credit card or ACH.

Refunds will not be issued for Registration or Swim Meet Fees.  Program Fees may be refunded by prorated amount on a case by case basis.

Annual USA Swimming Membership Renewal
USA Swimming Membership renewal will be automatically billed to your team account on September 1st.

All active accounts must have a valid credit card on file in your team account or sign up for Automated E-check (ACH) from your bank account.

Voluntary Account Suspension or Withdrawal from the Club

If your swimmer is planning on taking a break from practices or withdrawing from the club, you must notify the team in writing by sending a message using CONTACT US within 5 days of the end of the month before the break. A swimmer is not considered suspended or withdrawn from the program until written notice is received by the club. 
It is not sufficient to inform a coach of your intent to suspend membership or withdraw from the club.
If written notice is not received before a charge for the next month or season is applied to your account, there will be no refund.


Account Reactivation
To reactivate your team account, you must rejoin by going through the Registration System and selecting Account Reactivation.
Each swimmer must be a current year USA Swimming Member.
Account Reactivation Fee is $50. Swimmers that are not currently USA Swimming Registered will have the new registration added to their account. Curren Program Fees will be prorated for the month rejoining.

Past Due Accounts
Accounts not paid by electronic means are considered Past Due on the 1st. Members must use "Make A Payment" with a credit card prior to the 15th to avoid a $30 Late Fee. The full amount due must be paid.  A second run will take place on the 10th for Past Due Accounts.
A $30 Late Fee will be added on the 15th of the month to all Past Due Accounts.
Accounts not paid after the 15th of the month will have their swimmer(s) SUSPENDED from practice until the account is paid in full.
Late Fees will not be removed for any reason.
Past Due Accounts after 30 days may be turned over to a collection agency for payment.
You will be responsible for any fees added for collection.
Please make sure your credit card is valid in our system or use ACH payments.